Thursday, October 2, 2008

"U Damroki" (294)

Well known restaurant offer something hot.
...and rum is in it :-)


Laurie said...

WHat a magical looking scene. The gnarled stick leaning in the back ground and the wreaths on the wall. ANd rum is always good! :-)

I found your blog through Palos Verdes Daily Photo. I'm off to look through your archives now!

Virginia said...

A lovely vignette and who am I to turn down a little rum??

Torun Observer said...

> What a magical looking scene.
It is ordinary restaurant only :-) Somebody told us: Torun has just about 200 pubs, clubs, cafeterias and the other place to socialise... .

Small city: 200 OOO inhabitants and nearly 40 000 students!
- They like not only learn :-)