Saturday, October 4, 2008

England in Toruń (296)

"The English House": very popular place to learn this foreign language.
Rob Trappnell and his Polish wife are running this school.
More information on site:


Glenn Standish said...

Nothing like a spot of free advertising! Do you know Rob and Beata? This is quite a new school. There are so many schools here in Toruń and every year new ones open up. Some stay, some go. It is an extremely competitive business here!

Torun Observer said...

I have never met Him! By accident I found his internet place. Some of the main idea He has is very close to my style of thinking :-)

Rob Trapnell said...

Thank you for the free publicity, very kind and unexpected. You're very right, it is a competitive business and some have suffered badly recently, others have rivals as neighbours. I Haven't really met either of you except on Footstep and Observer websites which are most interesting. must team up

Torun Observer said...

> must team up
I am taking care on you too: Look at it:
You even did not spot it :-)

Glenn Standish said...

Thank you for the free publicity as well. No didn't see it as was in the UK then. Have been at that school for almost 5 years now. Amazing how time flies.

I have never met Rob Trapnell, but know him and Beata through a mutual friend who is also a teacher at the House of English. Welcome to the world of blogging Rob!

Torun Observer said...

> Welcome to the world of blogging Rob!
Especially we invite you to Daily Photo society ;-)

Glenn Standish said...

Sorry to see you go. Have enjoyed following your blog. Please do continue to follow TORUŃ DAILY PHOTO...and you never know maybe we could meet up sometime for a kawa!

Torun Observer said...

> maybe we could meet up sometime for a kawa!
Torun is so small :-)

J. said...

This is the last post where it is actually possible to post comments - that's why I'm writting here. Thanks for all the images you shared with us. I enjoyed your blog a lot:)

P said...

La vida es esto. Prestémosle atención a los
detalles. Al calorcito humeante del pis, a sacar la basura, a viajar apretados
en colectivo. Si no disfrutamos eso, ¿qué nos queda?