Wednesday, September 3, 2008

He and She(265)


Tash said...

Gorgeous tower of your city hall, especially the clock - thank you for honoring me by mentioning PVDP :) (260)
The summer was over all too quick -your special photos give the feel of the last days of summer. Brings back another memory - I lived with my grandma (baka) & aunt in Pula, YU during 1st grade; after school I would meet them at the beach (plaza) all thru the warm days of September and have lunch on the grass above the sea at the edge of the pine woods, with very few others around.

Tash said...

PS - I like the unusual combo of He/She very much.

Torun Observer said...

> thank you for honoring me by mentioning PVDP :) (260)
I just found in your city something similar to Torun. ...but not only! I thing the way you are looking through your camera is very close to mine... .
- Yes.