Monday, June 2, 2008

Great hint! (172)

Waiting one month for explanation... . YES, it is so long.
Too long time for waiting.
So todays photo explain everything.
- Could you be so kind and give me simple answer:
where is this place?!


Glenn Standish said...

You know what...I'm still not entirely sure. However, I'm pretty certain that it is somewhere near the municipal offices and fire station in Waly Gen. W. Sikorskiego. I recognise the red roof in the background and what seem to be a fortification on the left. Am I right...or am I right?! ;-)

Kasia K. said...

no, Glenn, it looks like suburbia rather... I really don't know! maybe Podgórz? but now I'm goinf for short holiday;)

Torun Observer said...

My dear friends! None of you have a right! What a pity :-)))
- After not so long time I show you surroundings. Maybe tomorrow?!, no! The best time is when Kasia return from her small holiday!

Glenn Standish said...

I don't think it would be the suburbs as we were told it was central. It's got to be in the old town somewhere...but where?!

Torun Observer said...

> ...but where?!
Great question!
Not old town nor suberbs... .
- Just between :)

googler said...

I think it was built in 1894 ;-)

Torun Observer said...

Dear Googler!
You are nearly right! year earlier:-)