Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dragon Baby (192)

Look at our new dragon baby from the very old legend!


Tash said...

He looks sad being behind bars. :) What is the legend called? I grew up in former Yugoslavia & wonder if we have a similar legend.

Torun Observer said...

14 August 1745 flying dragon was seen in Torun. He was 2 meter long, has four legs and wings like a bat. Two witnesses write their story: in many points similar.
- So, this is the reason I think this story is true.

Torun Observer said...

Even contemporary specialists are convinced that this animal belong to flying reptile, in Latin: draco volans... .

Hilda said...

Aw, he's cute! I'd love to have one at home.

Torun Observer said...

> I'd love to have one at home.
No problem :-) Name of the artist is: Dariusz Przewięźlikowski,
ul. Adama Asnyka 16 B/27
87 - 100 Toruń
tel. +4856 654 36 95
mobile: 048 608 04038037

PS. For sure: he is not my cousin or a friend or any known me person! I find this date in Internet only... .