Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baaang! (178)

Now everything is clear! Waterworks on Bielany district was this mysterious place ;-)


Glenn Standish said...

Never heard of this place. As I said I'm not that clued up about the Bielany district of Toruń...but it sure looks magical. A really attractive place...especially for a waterworks!!!

Kasia K. said...

I never heard about it too - but now I know, where should I go one day;)

Torun Observer said...

Kasia! It could be fantastic to pay a visit in this place. If you need to find really magic place, with unique atmosphere... .

Glenn! This place is not really hidden: It is between St.Joseph church and Bielany Hospital.

Both of you could find in this place perfect occasion to make great photos! Exhibition of old equipment is not only outside waterworks but inside water tower too.

Put in Google "Wodociągi Toruńskie". They have English version of their Internet page too -)