Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More and more... (159)

People from the other country
(and especially from the other culture)
more and more multitudinously are visiting our town.

Nothing curious: in a special economic zone near Toruń
some pretty big companies from Japan have their plants.

But the biggest reason is... real beauty of our city!


Glenn Standish said...

Yes more and more foreigners are coming to Toruń. TORUŃ DAILY PHOTO has met some of them. Gone are the days when people would stare at you for speaking in English!

Just one point...multitudinously is an adverb...and you need the noun (multitudinousness). Though to be honest...this word is very formal and not used that often. Best to stick with something like multi-cultural.

Torun Observer said...

YOU are a t e a c h e r .
- I am only humble user of English, but... at least you understand me :-)
- The only my ambition is to make not so boring snapshots... .

Glenn Standish said...

Thanks, thought you would be interested in some free English lessons!! Hee hee!! ;-)