Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Headache (152)

"Because of your head I have a headache".


Tanya said...

What is that on? Is it a sign? That's something we don't see much of here!

Olivier said...

tu as bien raison, la montée de l'intégrisme extrême droite en ce moment fait très peur.

you're quite right, the rise of fundamentalism extreme right at this moment is very frightened.

Torun Observer said...

> What is that on? Is it a sign?
Yes! It is a sign. Not so clear, but understandable in Polish. Protest against nazi groups in Toruń.

They are mostly come from local speedway club or football hooligans... . Poor family sometimes lack of good future make them radical. They have always simple solution to difficult questions... .

Tanya said...

We have some extremist groups here in the US that like the swatstika (not sure how to spell it). I think the "skin head" and groups like the Aryian Nation (not sure how to spell that either,lol) but I never see or hear of them really. Any kind of extreme group can be scary.