Monday, February 18, 2008

French Room (67)

I like this room.
It is elegant, it has charm and... a real French climate!
- Greetings to Roger and Vladys from Clermont-Ferrand!


Rambling Round said...

I like the color combination as well.

g_mirage said...

Yes, I like it too...classic!

lynn said...

Yes very historic setting.

Torun Observer said...

> color combination
> classic
> historic
= Empire style

Glenn Standish said...

Where is this building...and how did you get access to it?

Torun Observer said...

Unfortunately it is not my private room :)
> Where is this building...
In the middle of Old Town. It is
"Kamienica Pod Gwiazdą" ("House Under The Golden Star"), second floor.

I have bought ticket Nr 058376. Picture of it is in my todays post (Nr 70).
- Cost 7 Zloties and additionally 6 Zloties for photography matters.

Sailor Girl said...

I love the blue wall!!!!