Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something blue (31)

Something blue like hopes for healthy children life... .
Huge screen 50 sq m (telebim) on the Old Town.

Real world phenomenon: The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity was playing all Sunday! More information here:
On the very beginning start to read section "About Our Foundation".


Glenn Standish said...

Hi..again we have got 2 similar posts. Lovely shot of the town hall against a rare blue sky. One thing though...I wouldnt say the direct translation was "...Christmas Charity"...

but the main point is that people will still understand what it is!

Torun Observer said...

> I wouldnt say the direct translation was "...Christmas Charity"...
My English is not so good, but in this case it is not my fault. It is official translation. I agree; it sounds strange too - even in Polish.
- More informations you could find on official site I mentioned.

For better explanation: many aspects of this event are unusual.